Watering Hole: Align

The Watering Hole is a virtual stopping space in the midst of our crazy, hectic, and wildly beautiful week to week lives.

This week’s questions:

  1. Call Them Out! What are the biggest distractions you face when taking action in the vision God has given you?
  2. What needs to be put in place (boundaries, accountability, etc.) for you to be able to avoid the distractions that will deter you?
  3. Write your God-given Vision down. Leave space to write your commitment specifically to the work God has set your heart to do. 

This biggest distraction that I face, and maybe you face this too when taking action in the vision that God has given, is by far my unquenchable love of knowledge. At times I get swept up into all the random pieces of information and details that I forget to move forward, because in the gathering of them it feels like movement. It’s not! It is procrastination and a kind of analysis paralysis. It’s not healthy.

The only way to curb this kind of devouring everything on the table of information kind of mental eating is to sit at Jesus’s feet. I must set aside time to be with Him. He slows my mind and centers my heart on one thing – Him! It’s funny how I can know this and then get wash away in the flood of information and knowledge of the next thing. I have had to learn and relearn, over and over again, that being with Jesus first in my day can literally reorder how I take in information and how it is used. As I walk through each day I can see His hand and His ways in front of me. I can see how all that is connected to the larger vision of His Kingdom. When I don’t all I see is the squirrels my famished soul wants to chase but can never be satisfied by.

Each year the Lord gives me a focus. This year He gave this verse that I have personalized to myself.

2 Sam 9:7 And the Lord said to Starla, “Do not fear for I will show you kindness for the sake of your FATHER and I will restore to you all the land, and you shall eat at my table always.”

With this, He gave me a few directives:

  • Do not fear (which tells me there will be an opportunity to be fearful)
  • Be kind because I will show you kindness (Give what you get)
  • Expect restoration in places of brokenness (Enter the process of rebuilding)
  • I am invited to eat at His table (make myself available to be at His table)

We are the people of God. He is always leading and guiding. He is always directing us to align our souls with His purpose and plans. If we are not making time and not making ourselves available for His Spirit to speak we are doing ourselves a grave disservice. Sandi Krakowski said, “not walking intimately with the Father makes powerful people shrink back and be given to lethargy.” Have we gotten lazy? Have we stopped leaning in because everything is so out of control in the world? Don’t let the fear of “what may happen” stop you from living in the “what God is doing!”

The Father continually calls, “Come to me!” So come.

All is grace,


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