Sunday2Monday: Do The Work

We jumped back into our series called Hope in Action and into Nehemiah chapter 2 this week. In Nehemiah we find the parallel of how things in Jerusalem were not good just as in our times things have not been great. Nehemiah was just a simple cup bearer that God gave a passion. God has give us passions as well. The Lord is about to build some amazing things through His people. Sometimes we don’t know what to do with that passion. This passion was growing a hope in Nehemiah’s heart. What Nehemiah does with this passion for Jerusalem is a template for action for us.

Read Nehemiah 2

  1. Stand up and Act – When God shows you and gives you a passion the only way to bring it to life is to get moving. Stand up and do something.
  2. Seek God Faithfully – Ask God for help. Pray and be consistently asking the Lord to reveal the path.
  3. Define the Vision – Find clarity. Get specific. If you don’t know why, what, or where then how can you keep your eyes on the prize or on the point?
  4. Think Steps, not Miles – What are the next step? Take stock of what is going on, do the work that needs to be done, and take inventory. Do the next right thing!
  5. Don’t Go It Alone – Work together! Ask for help! Find prayer partners!

A statement that Pastor Chad said stuck out to me: “Success or failure is not yours to determine. The questions is are you being obedient? That’s what will matter!”

My family is currently in the middle of a “hope in need of action” moment. We are excited about a prospect. Its a dream we’ve had for sometime. My husband has started moving on this desire as he has had opportunity. We are seeking the Lord and asking Him for next steps. We are currently waiting to hear some new information. We are dreaming and talking daily about what we are thinking and hearing. I am working on next steps right where we are and I have gathered a prayer partner to help me pray this dream in. If you would like to pray with me the Lord knows what’s on our hearts. Ask the Lord to lead, guide, speak clear, and for favor.

Today during a quiet moment Pastor Chad asked us to ask God for the next step. I heard this:

Protect your ‘together we walk’ so that you aren’t stepping outside of ‘the vision’ I’ve given.

The Lord said that to me because I am the spontaneous one. I am by no means a super spender but I did just buy metal bowls with lids because they are pretty teal when I have 3 other metal bowls at home. Hey! They have LIDS! lol Anyway, I sense that the Lord is saying we are going to need to walk very closely together, being watchful that we do not get off on a bunny trail somewhere, losing the vision and missing what He desires to give us. We must be careful not to become distracted. Distraction keeps our eyes on quick fixes. Quick fixes steal the prize at the end of the race by making us lose our way.

If you have been walking with the Lord for any length of time then you know most things the Lord does are not instantaneous, even though He could do that. Usually the Lord leads, guides, teaches, corrects, and encourages us by taking us on a test of obedience. He tells us where to go and what to obey. Then we must be faithful to it. Its a trust walk. We call that a journey to make it less jarring to the soul! Especially since obedience is like a cuss word to our culture. We say, “It’s not about the destination – its about the journey.” What we mean is we want the destination but the Lord uses the journey to grow our souls which is what we need more!

What is the Lord planting in your heart? What desire do you have? What passion is building? Will you sacrifice and be obedience to receive the gift He desires to bring?

All is grace,


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