Glen Packingham said, “God spoke into a pagan culture to a man who heard His voice in a way that was understandable for him in a culture of human sacrifice and appeasing the god’s above.” At long last, I see God wasn’t asking for the un-ask-able when He asked Abraham to bring his son up to the mountain. He was showing Abraham how He is the giver. He provided Abraham with a ram in the thicket. He was expressing to this man, in this culture that He is a provider and wholly different than other gods.

It barrels down on us to work harder and make more money. Stealing our time from our family. It calls us to be more efficient and get more out of your day. So we push and push, raising our blood pressure, just to pass the test and trial, half dying in the process either by body or soul. The whole world is geared like that. Every where we turn there is another article or link to click:

  • How to get a cleaner home in 7 days
  • how to organize and thrive
  • How to be more..can you imaging…
  • How to be more ???

But…hasn’t the more already been provided. He is the more that we seek and when I seek Him – I find rest for my weary ways. He gives me grace for all the gaps in my life.

Colossians 1:17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

All is Grace,


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