Christ opens the eyes to see His light enter into my world. Isaiah promised that people that walked in darkness would see a great light. We live on the other side of that promise.

For all these years, I’ve been walking with Him, I am still learning to keep my gaze fixed on Him. Honing my eyes away from the distractions that will potentially chain me. I try to be more focused on submitting to His every prompting. Me, chasing hard, after the One who has already been chasing me. His love finds me when I am lost in some dark alley and valley of the heart. When I am off track and lost this God seeks me out. He goes to where ever I might be and doesn’t give up until He has found me. He shows up and turns on the light on the places in me that drool for attraction and attention. The places that cave and crave other things more than Him. Those places …

At the coming of Christ we no longer have to live in darkness! That’s the promise and yet we still feel the shadows of darkness lurking all about us. One day He will return and the darkness will be no more.

Isaiah 60:19 The Lord will be our Everlasting Light.

All is grace,


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