Advent Starts Tomorrow

This time of year always calls me to come away and to quiet. Every year, I hear myself say the same thing, “If the leaves and flowers and all the living things around us in nature prune back, go dormant, and hide away for the winter. Why do we run, hustle more, and run at an unsustainable pace? Why cant we also slow and hide away?”  This year has afforded more time than ever to do just that. Who knew it would take a pandemic to slow us down? I hope we have leaned into the slow.

Advent reminds me that God split history into two seasons. When Jesus came in the flesh His birth commemorated the close of what was the old season called the Old Covenant and His birth began the rejoicing of all creation to God who gives us a new season called the New Covenant. That birth came after a time of anticipation. Each day Mary’s womb slowly swelling and little movements were felt from within. Now, we have been gifted the beauty of each day becoming a new day. Each week being ripe with the hope of new life. Each year kissed with the anticipation of a new season. Advent is one of the ways that I like to prepare for a new year. This year, we just happening to be entering into a new season in our church with a new pastor and his family. The season is just full of anticipation for what is in store.

All is grace,


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