Just thinking…knees and heart


Sometimes we forget to say thank you. We forget that God is watching, that He’s been moving on our behalf, and that He watches over. Our knees were built to place us in such a way that our souls are able to express thanks and gratitude. And not just thanks but also repentance and need, grief and joy, hope and wonder. If we haven’t made it to our knees in a while that might be a great place to start this week.

They call Iowa and its surrounding states the heartland. I thought it pretty messed up that the mainstream media didn’t want to cover the heartland when we were going through such a hard time. Yet, I find it interesting that what most they are presenting as news is anger, hatred, and fear. Maybe we dont fit the requirements with all our, “Im ok, how can I help my neighbor attitudes.” We didnt think in black and white. We thought in “love thy neighbor” and it was evident everywhere in my city.

What if knees keep hearts clean? What if knees make hearts vulnerable enough to releases its deepest things? What if knees were given as a gift that we forget opens heaven?

Thanks for Listening,


Listen to those Cicada’s in the video! Yay …all summer long.

I bearly noticed until I turned the video on. lol goodness they are loud!

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