In watching the world, I see that there is a lot of intimidation and manipulation for the purpose of domination going on out there. The overt and manipulative peer pressure doesn’t seem to be working to well. I see how the more people using these tactics and have pushed for the silencing of sides and the shut down of those who speak out. They say that these actions “are for the good of all” but the result has been that people will and have revolted against being controlled.

In America we are a free people. God has made us for freedom in Christ Jesus.

Personally, I think the reason “social distancing” has worked so far is that it has mostly, at least here in Iowa, been from a call for “personal responsibility.” A call to “care for your neighbor.” People are being asked to help! It may seem as though forced lock downs and people staying home voluntarily brings about a similar outcome but at its root it is not the same thing. I believe that a man convinced against his own self will be of the same opinion still and eventually will revolt.

I have lived 42 years and when ever I have been made to comply, against my will, I do not like it. I end up upset over it. Eventually, I will walk away from it or I will fight against it. Instead, however I also find that when ever I have been asked to join a higher call or to greater sensibilities, I am most always willing. I believe that most reasonable people want to be noble. If you ask, they will give. It comes down to this slight difference: Will you? vs. You will!

I believe this makes all the difference. Ask me, it makes the difference for me. If I am able, I usually am also, willing. Tell me that I am going to do what you want me to and I mostly likely will not arise to the occasion. I think that is just called basic respect. Which I need to remember when I am in a position to lead. My Grammy use to say, “You catch more with honey than with vinegar!”

Ask + Manners = Help

Perhaps this has been an issue in the church….

Are we using intimidation, controlling, manipulation and the like to get what we want? This is demonic. Its easy to fall into. Add a little fear, and we rail, until fear is relieved. A little pride, and boom, we fall right in to these acts. Perhaps in the church, we are afraid, that if we ask directly and clearly, that people won’t rise to the occasions and so we are vague and leave a lot of assumptions. Perhaps on the flip side, we think if we are not able to do what is asked of us and have to say no, that others will be upset with us or we are expressing some other insecurity. So, we answer in vague and willy–nilly ways, instead of with the truth.

There is a statement I find interesting it says, “Ambiguity Breeds Mediocrity.” It means that if you don’t communicate what you desire clearly, you will not reach the outcome you are expecting. Basically, the communication will fall short every time. How long have we been vague and setting ourselves and others up for failure? Also, on the flip side, how long have we been clear but failed to hold others accountable to doing what they said they would? Or just allowing the sludge of gray, of mediocrity, to exist while not encouraging others to just be clear and truthful?

Matt. 7:7 Ask and you shall receive.

Eph. 4:15 Speak the truth in love.

Is it possible we have been less than honest, behaving in less than what true connection requires and less than clear communication? Is it possible that we have been using tactics to get people to do what we want? God, may we repent!

You must love the truth in order to see it.

Thanks for listening,


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  1. atiltedtiara says:

    I love and miss you too!


  2. Starla says:

    I love and miss you

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  3. atiltedtiara says:

    I love your honesty!


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