A little review to move forward

It’s that time of year where we start to look at the past year and review what we’ve accomplished and what we didn’t, and we write down our new goals going forward. 2020 here we come!

Last year I had several goals. . . I didn’t hit them all.

One of them was to Meal Plan but that turned into EAT BETTER!

I managed to drastically cut my sugar intake. (It was a struggle and I almost didn’t make it due to cake!) I cut it by way more than half than the year before and I cut a lot, and I mean a lot of carbs. I stopped buying bread and instead of making meat and potatoes we went for something a little more green on the side. We dumped the chips and all the other snackable things. (We don’t eat a lot of pasta at home. My hubby can’t do the sauces that mostly go with it. So, if I get a chance to do it. I still do!)

As I am reviewing and looking back, I see that as a bonus, I also had cut my Netflix watching too since Netflix and snacking go together. Breaking bad habits can often mean that the other habits connected to it also break! I’ll call that a success!

A few other of my goals were to drink more water and walking….. well I like water but I didn’t hit this goal. I don’t get the recommended amount of water mostly because I hate to pee every 30 minutes. I dislike being interrupted to go. It’s a personality thing. Honestly, I just don’t think about it all that much until night time when I am parched. Then I drink a glass before bed. Which means… I wake up around 2 am. I guess I chose broken sleep over broken concentration. And… the exercise thing and…the walking thing…ugh! Didn’t hit that one either. Fail! & Grace! 🙂 Sometimes I overestimate what I can accomplish. I also fail to see the season I am in and adjust accordingly.

Another goal was to cut debt. I am happy to say we have no credit card debt and we pay off my husband 65 Chevelle loan the 10th of January just in time for our 20th wedding anniversary on January 15th. YAY! Success!

This year I am keeping my eating habits but I am going to go another round on this walking and water thing. This time I am armed with a 32 oz bottle that I need to drink through twice a day. I enlisted a friend who I know loves to walk, to walk with me, twice a week at an indoor track. (There is no way I am walking in the winter outside. I hate cold more than I hate peeing in the middle of what I am doing.) I have some other goals that I will also be working on but enough about me. How about you?How did you do with last years goals? What are your goals for the new year?

All is grace,


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  1. Starla says:

    Wonderful…inch by inch ….little by little….and BAM…you’ll get there.

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  2. atiltedtiara says:

    Is it horrible that I can’t even think right now what my resolutions were for this year?

    My word of the year for 2020 is “intentional”.

    My main goals for the year are:
    1- Be intentional in all aspects of my life including work, home, money, my words, my time, my health, my spiritual life, and my relationships.

    2- Be more involved at church. (This ties into the relationships part of being intentional.)
    I will start working with Next Gen in February and also want to attend some women’s group events this year. I went to one last year and want to attend a lot more this year.

    I have a few others, as well, but those are the big ones.


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