Advent: Day 17 – Holy Hole

ADVENT – The source of peace has come. Advent the reminding that greatness came to this smallness of me to live and breathe and bless. Came to lift the small and weak to sit with Him in His throne…what privilege …what love.

Bethlehem -like my heart and yours. Where a stable is the home of the heart. Where the King came to be born in a small and poor, forgotten place. That was like me before He came and at times when I am not keeping my gaze to Him. He came to make that small cradle stable place His throne.

I am now never poor

or small

or forgotten

and yet there are worries that plague me

that I am not enough

and I am not with Him

keeping that gaze shows me that grace is real. I surrender my emptiness to Him to fill me like empty water pot, fill me with Your wine. I AM is our home. Thank you for the holy hidden in every hole. Your barreling down on my heart, storming in like thunder. The coming King after His beloved that was stolen. You come conquering evil with Your Righteous SON sent to the cross to pay my ransom.

Journal this or at least ponder and bring your thoughts to God:

When have you felt small and poor like this little town? Where have you found the holy hidden in the hole of your life?

All is grace,


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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