Advent: Day 12 – The Community

God is at work, everyday at work, in your “little things.” He is behind all the details of our lives -interested and engaged! He cares about what you cry about. The trouble comes when we care more about crying than to seeing His care that comes when we cry. We fail to see His love coming…coming….never ceasing …for us.

ADVENT – the opening of eyes to see the LOVE that has come.

Two sisters had two different reaction. One would leave when tragedy struck and the other would continue walking with the family that loved her and the God who put them together. Naomi could not see what God was doing. Ruth walked by faith.

I can be just as blind as anyone else missing the goodness and joy that is happening all around me. I am so thankful for those who have chosen to walk with me and not let me forget. This beauty Christ brought us. This glorious gift of community. These are those who love me even when I am blind. These each displaying a different gift and grace of opening my eyes. When I feel my life getting behind and it flusters me. When the cold wants to squeeze the joy of the season out for me. When clutter chokes me out and creates a sense of overwhelm. It is right there that it just so happens, right when running my errands, I see the birds. The little birds all flitting about in the light dusting of snow picking up little bits or this and that – a picture of provision. It comes when the beauty of the first snow – the picture of a blanket covering me. It’s in the incidents that happen that every thing just works out for the good. Its there I can breathe deep and remember I really have no need to stress or fuss. God has me, He’s surrounded me with His people of love and its all good.

Journal this or at least ponder and bring your thoughts to God:

Who are the people in your community built by God? What little things have a way of blinding you to God’s goodness all round you? Where has God worked in all those for good?

All is Grace,


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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