Advent: Day 2 – Be Love

God created this great vast world and little ol’ me and little ol’ you.

He created the world with seeming greatness and we with seeming insignificance, and from my perspective I am little and yet each line and turn of me He drew it with intention.

We celebrate Advent to remind us to see the coming of Christ in the midst of the Christmas season. See more than just the pretty lights, trees, and things we can get.

Have we forgotten how to wonder? We ought to never lose our wonder. (song) I stop and awe at the flight of birds. Their wings spread catching the wind. I marvel at how they stay together, flying in patterned arrows. God in His infinite wisdom created them amazing. God in His infinite love created me and you. His overflowing heart pouring out to put my every line together, coloring me with His own characteristics. I was made to shine and show His glory. That is something I often shy away from and hide – insecure- tucked back behind my heart. He asks to love others when they are unlovely, not ugly or repelling, but absent of walking in faith or walking of love. We live with a daily tripping and spinning of anger, worry, doubt, joyless – un- love- liness.

How do we love the unlovely in people? The gruff, hard working hands, man that carrying a heavy load we can’t see, the easily agitated to a stir friend of your heart, and the long winded sweetheart you’ve just started getting to know. These I chose to love! These His love will I give in an overflow. I choose to see them through His eyes and not my own.

  • I will see how great the first has a heart to serve
  • I will see how the second has a desire to see God move and submit to his will
  • I will see how the third has a huge kind heart of love that He is rebuilding

May God teach me and you to keep walking deeper, deeper, in love toward others. Perhaps as with the birds of the sky, flying together is how we are to fly in the pattern of the Lord – together in a synchronized dance. Like an arrow, shot straight through the heart of our fellow man. Arrows divine not arrows to destroy.

Are we God’s own cupids in this land? Are we to be pouring forth His love? For His glory?

Journal this or at least ponder and lift your thoughts to God:

How have you seen the people around you unlovely? What does the Lord desire to show you about them and how will you see them now that you see with His eyes?

All is grace,


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