Changes and Advent

This time of year always calls me to come away and to quiet. Every year, I hear myself say the same thing, “If the leaves and flowers and all the living things around us in nature prune back, go dormant, and hide away for the winter. Why do we run, hustle more, and run at an unsustainable pace? Why cant we also slow and hide away?” Everyone looks at me like I am a little crazy but their eyes all say the same thing: I WISH! This year, I am in a position to do just that. I have been overseeing 3 ministries at my church; youth, young adults and kids ministry. This year, I did just what I have desired to do for years. Since we are launching a new ministry called NextGen Church for ages 6th grade through college age in January 2020. We took December off! Can anyone in ministry say, AMEN!? Last Wednesday, I facilitated my last Young Adults night and Sunday we had our last youth group for the year. We also announced that I will be stepping down as coordinator and that one of my fractal team leaders named Corinne would be taking over. This has been in the works for 2 years and the time has come. So you can image the weight of responsibility that has lifted off my shoulders.

I love this season of the year! Not just because of holidays and such. More for the traditions of things like Advent, Hot Cocoa after playing in snow, Christmas decorating with all the ornaments my mom has sent over the years, Grammy’s paper garlands and old holiday music. Its the little things that I find much joy in during this season. Speaking of Advent, starting on Dec 1, I will have a daily blog leading up to Christmas to celebrate the beauty of our God and His plan to bring salvation and redemption through the birth of Jesus Christ. I hope you join me and you enjoy the writings each day as we travel through the scriptures and through the heart.

All is Grace,


PS. I gave my blog a face lift again. If you only know how much I do love me some change.

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  1. atiltedtiara says:

    Yay for a break! It sounds like you have some exciting changes taking place.


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