The bones about opinion

I’ve watch this show called Bones. It’s about a forensic anthropologist named Dr. Temperance Brennan and an FBI agent named Seeley Booth. It’s a fantastic show that you should totally watch. Anyway, I had finished an episode and at the end the FBI psychologist named Dr. Sweets, who is writing a book about Brennan and Booth, renames his book Bones: the heart of the matter. He finally found the truth behind why Brennan and Booth work so well together. Even though they tried to deny it and they talked a good game. The truth was that they loved each other. When I saw this scene in the show it instantly made my heart leap a little bit. Why is that significant? Because I have learned over my life time to pay attention to those little leaps and to pause long enough to listen and look at them.

So, where did this pause and ponder lead? Bones matter! The heart of things, matter! The beginnings of things, matter! We live in a world where skimming bits off the top and pumping that into the atmosphere as fact is the norm. We live in a world of sound bites, vid clips, and meme’s. We have to be careful, that in our skim, we aren’t changing the truth of what is or isn’t being said, just to make it sound more like what we would like it too according to our opinion, rather than what it actually is. The heart of the matter can be looked at as the “why behind” things that gives them meaning or value to what matters. We must learn not to skim but to dig. We must learn to become miners of truth.

In a world where truth, facts, actualities, feelings and opinions get jumbled all together. We must become a little more diligent in how we deal with truth and falsity. The world has fed us a lie that we can live our lives based on our “own” truth. This “own” truth isn’t truth at all. This is perception. Truth is truth and it does not change. But perception of what is true is always fluctuating. This is why each human can have an opinion about anything and everything. Opinions aren’t necessarily bad unless they are opinions that are not weighed against facts and actualities. 20 years ago it was normal to form an opinion about something you heard or saw and then dig up the facts to determine what was the truth about that someone or something. But now the world has intertwined with these bites of information, feelings, and opinion so much that for someone to state that someone’s opinion is incorrect and then displays the facts to them is considered an open affront to their feelings and their “own” truth. So much clout has been given to feelings that people will project upon you an unsubstantiated opinion about you or situations you seem to agree with and if you try to change their mind with facts, you might get anything from outrage, banishment from their lives, spit flying in your face, to all out war erupting in your life if you try to state their opinion (own truth) is incorrect.

Let’s see if I can break this down a little more.

If my opinion about you is that you are an angry person who hates people, then when you come to me to ask peacefully and in a calm manner why I think that. If my reaction is to hurl insults at you and spit in your face. Then actions speak louder than words and it is not you who are the angry one and hateful but rather it is me. That is the truth bearing out through a projected opinion!

We must return to testing our own thinking. Just because I think or feel something doesn’t make it true. Truth makes a way for itself. Truth always bears out what is truth. The truth is revealed in the light of truth and makes evident what is true.

When anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible.

Ephesians 5:13

So what is the heart of the matter? What are the bones beneath? The heart is that we must know the truth. Not our opinion! Not our feelings! We need to be aware of our opinions and feelings. They inform us of the underlying bias and agenda’s of our own hearts. Truth transcends these things. Truth has the power to bring us into freedom.

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

John 8:32

All is grace – lets learn from it!


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