Back to Joy.


Every once in a while a good evaluation of the heart, mind, and spirit is in order. How do I know if its time to do that?

  1. I am spend a lot of time on social media distracting myself from what’s happening in life.
  2. I have a pounding headache by the end of every day.
  3. I find that everything that I do feels like pulling weights through water.
  4. I feel myself unable to control my irritation and anger that I usually am able to hold and release.

I think it is funny that even when I don’t intend to do a self eval it just happens like its a God thing because who thinks of evals when they are busy feeling like all that above.

This time around the evaluation came in the form of a little test called the Enneagram. Check it out! It is eye opening. I typed out as Enneagram 1. That means I can be very hard on myself because I try so hard to do things perfectly that when I mess up I am incredibly angry with myself and that is not a good place to be. Thank God that He is a refuge and a giver of what I deeply need everyday.

That brings me to the purpose of this post and the changes you see on this blog. This morning after my prayer and study time. I listened to a portion of the book called The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery on Audible. That part that stuck out to me was “get a hobby and do it just for the love of it!” Suddenly, I was smacked right in the face with a big fat –I don’t have any hobbies. But that is not true! Then up out of my mouth I said, “I use to write for my own enjoyment and I’ve turned it into something for the consumption of others which means that I have to make it perfect, correct, and right and I hate it. ” I was floored. So I wrote that in my journal and I took a little time to change this blog to reflect again my joy. I want to write all the messy, sometimes making no sense to anyone but me, capture place for my all over the place thoughts.

I love to journal and I love to blog. So I am switching it up!

Here’s to writing again because I love it!

PS: I became Gramma LaLa yesterday.

My sweet daughters little girl Elly was born.

All is grace,


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