The only way to “not judge” is to be dead!

It is the right of people to use judgment when pondering what they see and what is happening around them. It is by judgment we are able to weigh what is right and what is wrong. We’ve been doing it since we were children, learning as we go. I remember one time when my cousins, a few friends, my sister and I pushed a cart wagon us a hill and jumped on. It came hurling down the hill, many of us flying off of it and others jumping for our lives. Bad judgment told us to push that cart up the hill. Good judgment taught us not to ever do that again.

If we are not allowed to judge what is around us, we will become blind, deaf, and susceptible to bad decision making. This culture asks of us to live in denial by saying to us “don’t judge” and if we do, then we are called judgmental.

I would rather be wise and discerning – no matter what they say – because this will keep me from getting to close to those who live self -destructively. It keeps me from entering into situations that I do not want to reap from and allows me to stand outside the chaos.

BTW – the only way to “not judge” is to be dead! We all judge! We have too. Parents want their children to use judgment, so that, they don’t do the wrong things their friends may be doing. When they don’t use judgment they follow along with the crowd and do as the crowd does. I certainly don’t want that for my children. I’ve done by best to teach them how to assess what is going on and to make wise decisions, which is also called good judgment.

What people really mean by ‘don’t judge’ is “I want you to shut up and don’t tell me what you think because if you do, then I might hear something about my behavior that I don’t like. Then I will be forced to choose whether I just get pissed off at you or I choose to fix my crappy attitude or change my bad behavior.”

Do you not know that those who come to you and share their hearts about what is going on in your life, love you? (Not those who blast on social media – that’s not love!) Galatians 6:1.. if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness… A spirit of gentleness will come directly to you in love.

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

James 1:8

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.

John 7:24

Teach me good judgment and knowledge …

Psalm 119:66a

Ps: If you listen close to those who scream “don’t judge!” you will hear them judging you. We must stop listening to the term “don’t judge!” if it causes us to stop thinking. We must use wise judgment and go out and love people for Jesus.

Thanks for Listening,


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