3 ways to grow when you find you are feeling complacent

How often do we listen to something good, even inspiring then move on without doing anything with what we just heard?  I did that for years.

It wasn’t until I chose to do something with what I learned that I began to grow by leaps and bounds. I was one of those people in a hurry and overly busy. It was as if the talking heads song “same as it ever was” had been playing in the background of my life. I was doing what most others have been doing with their lives: drifting and drifting is dangerous.

Did you know that 20% of people will resist change no matter what? Have you seen the uncomfortable face of “I don’t like change” rear its head in your life? It resist us at every opportunity, keeping us complacent.

Complacency is always going to fight against us but creating good habits can help. We all live in habitual motions called routines that are built into our day whether we like routine or not. When a habitual movement gets broken then all the things connected to it also fall apart. Little shifts can make big changes. So use that to your advantage.

3 Habits to add to your life:

  1. Capture – Create some way to capture your thoughts, pieces of conversation that inspire you, things you’ve heard or have seen that made your heart leap.
  2. Reflect – Set a time in your day or week when you spend quality time with your captures and reflect on them. Ask yourself some simple questions. Here are a few examples: Why did it capture me? What do I think God is trying to telling me? How can I apply this to my life right now?
  3. Adjust – Shift or move in some way. Act on what you have been given. Don’t just check the mental box. Follow through and do something.

Overtime you will find that these habits can help you grab ahold of what life is giving, to squeeze every drop of goodness out of it, and move you into a whole new way being.

Thanks for Listening,

Starla Smith

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