Chewing Fennel: When the Lord Sends a Breath of Fresh Air

A couple years ago I started the journey to become a credentialed minister. Over a years time, all my margin was spent studying and taking online courses then I entered into a coaching and interview process. This transition space has moved me from youth coordinator to becoming the NextGen Pastor of my church. We launched a Young Adult Ministry called Yam. Clever right! I thought so. We also began the process of restructuring our Children’s Ministry. This is the physical movements the Lord has led me in but the “seed” He has planted in my life has brought a sweet and warm aroma that is unmistakable. I am just starting to wrap my mind around what the Lord has been doing in my life. I certainly don’t have it all figured out. But I am going to try to describe it.  It’s like getting a taste of something then recognizing it later. The best I can express this is that it’s like knowing the taste of caraway, fennel, or anise seed and being able to pick out that taste when it has been used in another meal even though you can’t see it. When it shows up in my life I know it! It has a certain fragrance. It’s sweet yes, but also warm, like spicey, a bit on the hot side, like black licorice. It’s good but also overwhelming.

Fun Side Facts: Did you know that all the seeds I mentioned (caraway, fennel, and anise) are medicinally used for digestion and to freshen the breath? In fact, the Puritans called it the “meeting seed”  because they would chew fennel during their long church services.

Behind every healthy mind and body is a digestion system that is able to take what is put into it and wring out every ounce of nutrients. One of my passions is to see the people of God have souls that are free from doubt, worry, and fear. In order to do this, they must have a renewed mind. The mind is the gatekeeper of the heart. It is in control and behind all that we do.  What we allow in our minds; the things we chew on and slowly digest, these things affect how we feel and how we act. We must think rightly! In a sense what we digest will determine whether or not we become a breath of fresh air or we end up with some stinky attitudes no one wants to be around.Tweet That!

what we digest will determine whether or not we become a breath of fresh air or we have stinky attitudes and actions that no one wants to be around. Add subheading

Over this past year, there have been good things and bad things happening in my life. There have been ups and downs, ins and outs, around the bends, and full-on stops. There have been mind trips, doubts, fears, what-the-heck am I doing moments, and joy intermingled. When life feels like that – it is easy to get lost and try to pull out of it and into the mundane and the mutiny of life. I usually start strapping on the-routine-life just to make it through the day without looking like a complete mess but inside my heart is in full revolt and I have to daily wrestle it and my tongue to the ground and scream, “submit!” Have you figured out yet in your walk with Jesus that obedience is better than sacrifice? Somewhere in the middle of all the crazy whirlwind of my life, the God of Heaven asked me to submit to a heart reset, to the default setting, that He created within me.

Let me tell you this year has been a bit overwhelming!

God wants to be God and Father to us. We want to be the god of ourselves. Trust me He does a much better job of it. I have to tell you what happened, here is how good God is: On August 23rd I wrote in my journal and said, “I worry that I am going to fail. I am not afraid to fail but I really want to succeed.  I just don’t think I know what I am doing. What I do know is that what I don’t know can kill me and my dreams. Lord, equip me. Send me people to breathe life into me.”

Do you see it? I asked for caraway, fennel, and anise.

Psalm 62:7 on God rests my salvation and my glory…

This past weekend our church had a prophetic intensive with Brian Fenimore. It was a breath of fresh air, like chewing fennel, in those old Puritan church services. What he gave us was easy to digest and renewed my mind in some areas. He taught and I learned. Then he had us activate what we had learned by doing what he just taught us. People all over the room coupled up and prayed. They spoke words of life into each other from the Father. It was awesome! I felt a release valve of reset to how the Lord made me. One who is full of joy and so much more! I am excited about what the Lord is doing in our midst. If you are where I have been – don’t give up rather lean in and ask! The Lord desires to speak to you. He is speaking. He has been speaking. Observe and see what He is doing!

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