Day 39 – He was Crucified

Day 39 – He was Crucified

The day Jesus was crucified was a day where four men made history. One a history changer and the others written in the book. Jesus, the sinless Son of God, in full control of this day lays His life down. One man named Simon of Cyrene, who carried the cross of Christ gets pulled out of the crowd to participate and two criminals who are crucified on either side of Him are faced with a choice. These stories collide, they forever would be entwined and read by men for all time.

Crucifixion was a brutal and agonizing death. This horrific process started with a whipping that ripped the skin right off the back, exposing muscle and bone. The nailing of the body to the cross would severe the median nerve causing unbelievable pain. The weight of the body on the nailed limbs would further cause agonizing cramping and gasping for breath. David Guzik in his online commentary, Enduring Word says, “We literally get the English word excruciating from this act of brutality, from a Roman word set “out of the cross.” 

Consider how heinous sin must be in the sight of God when it requires such a sacrifice!  – Clarke 

Luke 23:46  Then Jesus, calling out with a loud voice, said, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” And having said this he breathed his last.

I am amazed by what is in this 23rd chapter of Luke. I see Simon of Cyrene who is pulled off the street to carry the cross. A picture of the very thing Christ would ask of every person who would become His followers saying, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” Every man and women must walk this walk, deny themselves, and take up the cross. Simon of Cyrene represents all of us who are in need of coming to the cross for redemption.  The two criminals they would represent two types of people. Some people look at Jesus and say the same thing the first criminal did, “If you are the Christ, why don’t you save yourself and us?” Many of us fall into that category. We are of the group of people who would look at our circumstances and mock God to His face saying, “If you were really God these things wouldn’t be happening to me!” We rail and revile Him without recognizing the debt He paid for our life so that you and I could take up his cross and find in it life everlasting. The other criminal had watched this whole drama play out from the beginning. He rebukes the other criminal and with conviction speaks the truth. He says, “I deserve this and so do you. We are paying for our crimes but this man is innocent! Lord, remember me.” This criminal takes responsibility for his actions and falls upon the mercy and grace of God to save him. His last breaths of life are a cry for salvation. That is the type of person I want to be. I fall short often and have stood in both places. Thank God for Jesus and His blood that has set me free. Jesus would die in the place of every man. He would take the penalty of sin. He would die in our place. He would do it all the while keeping His eyes on the prize – you and me. We are His treasure! – Tweet That!

Jesus would die in the place of every man. He would take the penalty of sin. He would die in our place. He would do it all the while keeping His eyes on the prize - you and me. We are Hi
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PRAYER: Jesus, what can I say except thank you!

Don’t wait! Don’t put it off any longer! No matter what you have done, there is grace for you. Salvation is the first step but trust me being saved is an everyday expereince.

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