Day 13 – He is the Stillness

Day 13 – He is the Stillness

We traveled to Colorado to visit relatives on my husband’s side of the family. We surprised his grandmother with a visit from the grandchildren one afternoon. It was great to hear her laugh and enjoy the kids. We also were able to spend some time with his Aunt and Uncle. They took us on a hike up a beautiful mountain side. Now, I am a city girl who rarely will admit enjoying a walk of any kind unless it involves interesting shops, in a city, I have never been too. We drove about an hour up a winding road to our hiking destination. It was snowy and a little chilly. I also do not like the cold. As we prepared for our climb, they busted out the clip on foot spikes. I knew I was in for it and we started up the mountain trail. All along the trail were trees and rocks, a few animals and a lot of blue skies. We rounded into a spacious area as we crossed what I thought was a valley, halfway through they said “your walking on water.” My husband and kids were at home. They go ice fishing together, I was holding in my soul an explosion of emotions from being totally freaked out. We had been walking for some time and I was about over it. Then, suddenly, we turned a corner and bam the whole area opened up into a valley on one side and mountains on the other. It was breathtaking. We stopped to sit on some rocks for our snack before we descended back down the mountain. It really was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, but what struck me the most was the stillness. It was so majestic and still. I sat there for the longest time just looking at it. I could feel every breath. I knew and could feel that God was with me.

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God.

When the rich young ruler in Matthew 19 asked about following Jesus, He stopped him dead in his tracks with one statement “Sell all you have and follow me.” He walked away without a word. His heart was more for keeping what he had than for following Jesus. Jesus will stun you with truth! There are no words in those kind of moments, they cause our minds to still and our hearts to ponder. Our lives are jam-packed full of random, ongoing things. When was the last time you just sat and felt your breath? or stopped thinking for a minute?  I am guessing if you are anything like me, it has been a while. Jesus brought stillness to people.

I remember a song we use to sing at church when I first received Christ. One line of it said, “God in the stillness, I fall on my knees weeping and broken by my sin.” Stillness has a way of causing us to face the realities of our own hearts.Tweet This!

No wonder the enemy works so hard to keep us running, going, doing, busy with never-ending tasks. Sure, you can be productive but whatever you do, don’t enter the stillness! Jesus is the stillness- a breathtaking space called Truth.

PRAYER: Jesus, help me to enter the stillness when you stun my heart. I want Your presence and to follow You. I don’t want to run harder missing the reality and the truth You want to reveal to me.

Have you been running from your own heart? Is it time to enter the stillness? Get your timer out and sit for 3 minutes in silence. When your mind starts to race around, only speak the name of Jesus and refocus your heart.

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