4 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Enter The New Year!


Last year was one of those hard years where you just hang on to Jesus with all you’ve got and pray for a reprieve. This past week I have been reflecting on how good God has been to us.  At the beginning of last year, the Lord gave me a word to hold on too, He said: “My banner over you is FAITHFUL.” Only He knew what we would go through. I look back and see that my husband worked a total of 5 months in 2017 and still the mortgage was paid, the bills were paid, food was in the house, and everything we needed was provided. That’s Faithful! I can only be grateful for His grace and mercy toward us. I declare:


I learned some amazing things about the faithfulness of God. I also learned how to trust more, live in peace in the middle of life’s storms and the joy of resting in the presence of the King. This coming year I want to continue to dig the well deeper.

As I enter the new year 2018, I feel a sense of new adventures on the horizon. That is exciting to me! I see my life as made up of several spheres that I take care of through prayer and action. Those spheres are my spiritual life, physical body, emotional wholeness, mental sharpness, practical living. I want to get real honest with myself and see where I can improve and that means I may be deleting, adjusting, changing, and adding to these areas. Today I will be asking myself 4 questions to evaluate my well being and writing them in my journal.

4 questions for evaluating – Well Being:

  1. How did I do in these areas of my life?
  2. What would I change?
  3. Where did I compromise my heart and go against my own soul?
  4. What did I learn?

I ask myself these questions because for many years I didn’t ask anything.  When I started too, I saw how unfocused I was actually living. I wasn’t intentional about much of anything. Mostly I drifted and let what will be, just be. Leaving it up to fate. Don’t leave it up to fate, leave it up to faith and partner with God in my life.


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Don’t leave it up to fate, leave it up to faith and partner with God in life. – Tweet This!

I got into a lot of mess living the “drifting” life just being reactive to my surroundings and situations. About 5 years ago I decided to be an active participant in my life. I heard a message from Joe McGee. He talked about Matt. 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Then he said something that changed my heart in an instant.

“Peacemakers are those who CHOOSE to make peace, not reactive like a keeper of it. Keepers have to compromise to keep it but makers choose and make peace where ever they go.” – Joe McGee

It dawned on me that I had lived a long time giving away my God-given power to choose through drifting through life. It was then I decided, I chose that I was done letting life happen to me and I became an active participant in it.

Will you join me in asking these questions for yourself and activate your power to make 2018 different than 2017 no matter what may come your way?


Thanks for listening,


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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