Take Me A Little Deeper


Yesterday was a whirlwind. Such is my life. It just figures. What do I expect when the youth group that I lead is called Hurricane Youth Crew and the motto is Center on Christ then take Him to the world. Did I think I would have to walk our that message? lol

Our church recently launched a campus and our lead Pastor was there on Sunday morning. I was asked if I would give the message. Our Pastor was on the theme Frequency and the importance of hearing God’s voice.lynnq1

I wrapped up this theme with the main focus:

A word from God does 3 things. It propels us. It prepares us and it will come to pass. 

I also spoke of how we hear God’s voice, revealed some things that get in the way of hearing God’s voice, touched on some things that are helpful and practical to hearing God’s voice. I hit a main point about hearing God so that you can be able to hear for those who cant. So that we can confirm His word to others. This thing isnt just for ourselves. It is for the one’s next to us and the lonely, the lost and the hurting. We have to know his voice.


It was a good message and I am glad it’s over.

But today as I reflected about what all I had said. I realized what the Lord was really doing. He was waking us up. He was waking me up. I had known for a couple weeks that I was going to be speaking. I started writing some notes but the previous week at church the Holy Spirit took our service in a completely different direction than normal. We worshipped. We prayed. People gave testimony and exhortation. But Pastor Lynn did not preach. So it was kind of up in the air on what would happen the following week. He told me he was going to have a talk with our campus pastor and he would get back to me. So Wednesday morning I met with him to discuss. Now, I am not one to back down from a challenge but I was a little like “really……reallyyy…..3 and 1/2 days to get this down.” I went home with bullet points. That afternoon I read the section of scipture and then had to get ready to lead midweek worship and the youth bible study.

The next morning after I spent some time with my Grandma I sat down with my bullet points and I read through it again. I could not see the connections. For a person who loves to write and is pretty well read that was disturbing to not be able to see how this thing would go together. I was freaking out. I started to cry and then I did what I have done everytime I have been backed into a corner with no way out and no option give up. I prayed!

“Failure is an option but giving up is not!”

Side note: I actually made myself a shirt that says failure is an option. I remember being so upset when that started to become a slogan. I remember thinking “What are they doing? They are going to cause people to never try things out of a fear of failure.” There is not a whole generation who is afraid to say what they think less the give the wrong answer and become a failure. Its crazy.

Anyway, God also gave me a dream and a word for someone with a song to go with it. That I was obedient to pass along.  The Lord has a way of making us walk to talk so that it is authentic. He gave me the message but what I am walking away with is I need to hear from God everyday. Not just the days that I am speaking or writing a paper or putting together youth stuff but He wasnt to do something more in me. We need the Word to be alive on the inside of us. So that living water flows through us. Anyone else feeling this call to come deeper. To dig the well deeper. Its hard work and are we willing to pay the price to have more of God in our lives? I want to.

This year I have added sitting in silence into my life, prayer on my knees because I heard the Lord say to me one day when I was driven to my knees “this is the place where you will get retooled for your day.” I have become more diligent to write and blog this year. I also have been stepping out and speaking His words as they rise up.

How about you? Do you rely entirely way to much of spiritual snack food, social media scripture quotes and your own strength and understanding. Are you ready for more?

Thanks for listening,

Starla Smith


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