His Great Faithfulness cont….


Faithfulness doesn’t come in prepared boxes with perfect labels, proper tags and on my timetable. Faithfulness with a capital F means that it is delivered with a handcrafted touch by the Creator of the Universe. Still so mysterious this Creator is to me. While one side of my life seems to be laid barren and wide open to the elements of the world. The other side is being painted colors of beauty inexpressible and hard to express the thankfulness I have to put into words. His packages are full of goodness to us. Trusting the Goodness of God is something we must wrestle our fickle hearts into full acceptance.

Years ago in 2008. I just had my son David and the flood in Cedar Rapids ravaged our house. Again it was a moment in time of one side of my life being laid bare and exposed to the prowling wolves and the other side so full of the glory of God wrapped up in one little boy. Through that trial and testing I heard the Lord say to me:

I am breaking the bondage that is in your house. I am breaking the bondage in your relationships. If you will say “Yes, Yes! to me.” I will build your house and I will build so much more. 

I said Yes! Life is so different now than it was then.

So while our financial situation is in shambles and we await what the Lord will do to show Himself strong on our behalf. My dear sweet Sarah got engaged this past Saturday. Her sweetheart Jon, who had his eye on her since she was 15. After 2 years of hanging out, 1 year of no talking and parental “take a break” enforcement and 1 year of dating. Over the summer while she was away at a camp internship he asked her Dad if he could marry her. So this day that I am writing is the day! He took her to a pumpkin patch. It’s cloudy and a little rainy.  She loves fall colors and it’s afraid of playing in the rain. He told her that he got two free tickets to a corn maze for today but was upset it was going to rain. She smiled and said, “I love the rain, we can wear our boots!” She always sees the upside. He has helpers hiding in the wings. They will set up a beautiful spot to pop the question and secretly take photos of the moment with a photo shot afterward.


I can see how God in His Faithfulness is doing something good. She is marrying our Pastor’s son. The character of this family is truly God-breathed humility. I have come to love them all so much. I have learned so much from them. The love of God in them is something to be admired. Everything I had prayed for in a young man for my daughter is exemplified in Jon Furrow.

When Sarah was growing up I would say to her, “when you decide if you are going to date a boy I want you to remember 3 things”

  1. Watch how he treats his mother. That tells you how he will treat you one day.
  2. Pay attention to who he chooses as his friends.  That tells you a lot about who he really is because the bible says you become like your friends.
  3. Listen to how he talks about other people. That will tell you if he is a kind person.

All through high school she measured boys up to this list and would pass them by after evaluation. So imagine my shock when she was 16 and finally decided she had one she might consider. After Jon had told her he liked her and wanted to be intentional about “one-day” dating she was deciding what she thought about him. I asked her what she like the most about him. I was waiting for “he is tall or super cute!” Her first response was “What I like the most about him is he hugs his mom anytime she is near and I have never heard him say an unkind word about anyone!” Then she said “He is funny and his smile. He has the best smile.”

Today is the first day of a whole new life for her. I pray that as God has been Faithful thus far He will continue to be Faithful to them as they prepare and ready a space for a union of two hearts.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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