Advent…God in the manger

She..laid him in a manger, because there was no lodging available for them.

Luke 2:7

This God

came bare and naked

birthed into empty hands that He made

for He came to save us

brought in vulnerability

no throes of power

no forces of defeat

He was the power and He would defeat

but first He came quietly into our midst

ADVENT – a KING quietly born for the paupers

Ann Asks and will you join in answering

What do you need to lay down so your hands will be open to receive God’s gift?

How does it change Christmas for you to know that Jesus did it for love?

Take a moment to kneel close at the manger, thanking God for His abundance.


I lay down my worry and need to fix it

The swirling what if’s and the joyless analysis

I let go and hold on to God

Christmas meaning shifts when you know and focus on how this Babe King came because of LOVE

all for LOVE… and me


I kneel at the manger and worship you God for coming in little form to save us

for placing the greatness of YOU in the tiniest of packages

the way we come to the earth

thank you for loving us that much

thank you for this BLESSED ABUNDANT Grace….called JESUS



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