Advent…Be a dwelling space for God

Greetings, favored woman! The Lord is with you!

Luke 1:28

she was told her promise

She was willing to accept it …this Mary mother of God

She asked How? and was given an answer

As my Pastor Spoke last week

..what was remarkable was that she didn’t ask why…

she didn’t think to disqualify herself when she was chosen

she chose to believe

When we are called how often do we say why instead of how

I said why when I was asked to take over the youth group

why me ? what makes you think I am the one?

give me proof of my worthiness

give me a reason to believe

I was a doubter…. and it has taken me a year leading the youth to decide to say HOW instead

ADVENT – the coming One comes to make you a place for Him to work through…can you believe?

Lighting One candle every Sunday and one on the day of His birth.

HIS COMING INTO MY WORLD …I light my 4th candle


Seeing this Jesus who came to give

Understanding that I can only receive

all in this life is but a gift from Him

I cant work for it, perform for it, perfect myself to get it

I can only open my hands and thank for it

Ann asks and will you join in answering

Who is one person you need to make space for today-someone who has been crowded out by the busyness of the season?

What do you need to surrender to to make space for Christ, to be a womb for Him?

Spend some time with God, asking Him to fill you with His all-consuming grace.


This little boy

who begs for attention at every turn

I let go to see him today

I surrender my way

my doings

my goings

and let him enter into all today

Lord be a pitcher of grace water for me to drink today

fill all the empty places with You

consume me and my my my my’s with

grace to give and let go



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