the quiet

Its been a while

sitting here in this quiet house

waiting for the phone to ring, the text to whistle, the messenger to bling

but it hasn’t and so I wait in this quiet place

not sure if I like it or not but it is how it is and I haven’t set out to change that

some days I feel bored (not a word I am use to saying)

others on edge ( missing some form of communicating)

wondering if I want to start a new adventure ( is there a step I want to take)

or continue on this quiet edge ( sitting still in this place)

I am real good at filling my own nothings with music and words finds

even cleaning and organizing or time managing and money saving

I can waste full days looking for deals, preparing the weeks meals

I can devour whole seasons of burn notice and bags of sunflower seeds

but its not filling……..nothing fills me like Christ

So I turn my eyes to the little bread basket and ask God for a word

(pick out a pink one He says and think on that crumb size bite of word)

There is one verse on front and another on the back

Romans 8:28 all things work together for good to those who love God

even quiet places work together for GOOD

working together ….for good

down time, rest, peacefulness, lack of busyness, drama less, trauma less- yes Lord it has been real good

John 8:12 He that follows me does not walk in darkness

darkness! is that what I think this quiet place is ?? darkness

When the go go go has stopped from me spinning and running

When the phone is quiet and no one is in need of talking , sharing, or tasking

Have I thought since I am not compelled by Your Spirit to keep running that I have entered darkness. Lord turn my heart and right my spirit that is in me

let me see all going and doing for You is blessed but so also is the quiet places

The mountains and the valleys they are both alike to You

my small perspective can only see so far

Thank You for the quiet times where both body and soul have rest

Draw me to Your side….

that I might drink deeply of what You have for me in this quiet place of rest

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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