More than just a friend request


Are our friendships becoming just a number of people we are linked to on a screen?

Do we even know each other any more?

Have we let ourselves be known only behind a screen?

Do we enjoy face to face conversations?

Do we love like Jesus did?


I see 4 ways of love here in this text…

1. He laid down His life

Do we give up our time, let go of our rights for another’s growth, help freely without need of repayment? Or do we just have relationships that are hit and miss ….oh I will just catch up with them on facebook?

I die daily… 1 Cor 15:31

2. Made us His Friend

Do we share Christ with those we know ? Understanding that there is no true friendship unless you are in agreement with each other.

Amos 3:3 how can two walk together unless they are agreed

3. Communicated openly  …all that the Father has said I have made known to you.

Be honest,open and communicated truthfully about who you are and what you are about

4. He chose you, appointed you

Chose to be a friend and be an encouragement to others, BE FOR THEM! Lifting them up and not tearing them down



Stuck in your phone….missing the NOW AND HERE …living with shallow relationships trying to fill the void with social media?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Thank you Jillberan for commenting. I hear ya! I too need to be an example!


  2. jillberan says:

    Love these words!! I was just thinking about this kids as I thought of them growing up…want to keep them focused on people not technology! I need to remember I’m setting an example – they need to see me spending time with people not just the computer!! Thanks for speaking truth my friend!!


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