Serious silliness!

  Being a  youth group leader has been one of the wildest rides into myself I have ever taken. When I got saved I wanted to tell the world to conform to Christ ….more like conform to what I thought was Christ - called a lot like me. Let me explain that statement. When I... Continue Reading →

Faith and Slavery

This is the team that I lead at church for youth group called SMAC SOMETHING MORE AT CHURCH These are amazing people to work with… This past Sunday we had what we called a SMAC JAM night - a night of worship with the SMAC Worship Team. Two leaders in the back - Dave (left-... Continue Reading →

Justified -Just If I’d?

We do all kinds of things…. We say all kinds of things to justify ourselves…. I was mad, so I hit him! I was hurt, so I told a lie about her! She talked behind my back, so I told all her dirt secrets! Wanting to be right! Wanting others to think we made a... Continue Reading →

More than just a friend request

Are our friendships becoming just a number of people we are linked to on a screen? Do we even know each other any more? Have we let ourselves be known only behind a screen? Do we enjoy face to face conversations? Do we love like Jesus did? I see 4 ways of love here in... Continue Reading →

His Mercy endures …

MERCY is Compassionate forbearance with an offender, to act kindly toward them. I found 5 things that are GOD’s Mercy toward us. And that we can do that are merciful toward others. My side: He is on my side. When I am up against a wall, When I am facing where I have failed or... Continue Reading →

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