The Walking Dead

When I was growing up scary movies and popcorn were the best!

My mom yelling out at just the right moment, we would scream and popcorn would fly.  My mom is the biggest sci-fi , horror, end of the world, murder trial, serial killer movie nut…

I inherited a bit of that

I been watching on Netflix, because I don’t have cable – THE WALKING DEAD

Zombies really?! … yeah I know

I watched the first season some time ago

and then the 2nd season came out and I tried to ignore but eventually I wanted to know what happened…MAN SCREEN WRITERS ARE GOOD AT CAPTURING YOUR ATTENTION WITH THE LAST SCENE HANGERS.

This time around I noticed a bit of change in my thought process. I just finished the last episode of season 2 and here are my thoughts

They all learn that they all carry the zombie virus.

We all carry the sin virus.

They have to learn to trust people they don’t know very well to survive.

That is hard to do and that is how we feel when we start going to church. We are thinking can these people be trusted with my past, my failures, with my heart.

One character names Rick finds out that the people who you think are the closest to you, and would never fail you, hurt you or let you down …do.

It is not easy to take when someone close to you lets you down, hurts you, or fails you. Forgiveness is the only way. Making every effort for healing and reconciliation is important. That is the only way we survive well living both human and holy.

While Rick was able to forgive and do his best to move forward, his old friend Shane was just too angry, jealous, and filled with evil. He lures Rick out to the woods to kill him. To take his wife and son away from him. Rick catches on and realizes what is going on and he still tries to reconcile. It came down to kill or be killed.

While to not condone killing of course….there is a lesson here. You can only go on so long trying to fix and repair and reconcile. If the other person will not be healed and move forward with you. You have to kill the relationship. You have to let the person go and let God deal with them.

In the case of the Shane and Rick. Rick killed Shane and then Shane became a zombie. At this point is when they figure out that it is for sure that they all carry the virus. Ricks son Carl then kills zombie Shane.

Sin spreads and touches more than just you. No matter how slick you think you are, how stealthy and careful to not let your sin touch those you care about, it WILL SPREAD.

We either KILL SIN or it will overtake us…

Romans 6:13

Do not present your members to sin as instruments for unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and your members to God as instruments for righteousness.


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  1. Great post Starla!!!
    God bless you


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