31 day challenge – Day 14/15

NEWPICS 054-002

Day 14 – Day of Rest  <—- Really Engage Spirit Truth

Had an awesome day ! The worship was great! The youth group worship was so anointed it had me in tears…

Day 15 –  So today I am a disorganized mess …

and guess what that is OK!!!

I am midway through my 31 days and it is not uncommon for people to kind of fall apart in the middle of something. They say it takes 30-40 to make a habit a habit and this is the time when the newness of what you are doing wears off and perseverance and determination have to kick in to get you to the finish.

1. SO I have found some wonderful tools on my journey!

Money Saving Mom has printouts … I use one – like this –  that I print out each week and start adding what I didn’t get done to the to -do list. There is a place for planning your menu for the week. Grocery list, chores and what not ..good stuff!!!


2. Husband shredded the zucchini that was on the back table in the kitchen and froze some of it to use for later, and baked 3 loaves of zucchini bread. Daughter made some mix for zucchini fritters!!


3. Did you know that at your local Hyvee, Hyvee drugstore, CVS and Walgreens – you can use what is called a shoppers hotline card and get points for your shopping and redeem them for visa gift cards!!!!! I called and signed up!




Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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