31 Day Challenge – 6 Day

NEWPICS 054-002



1. We have sage, oregano, garlic chives,

thyme, spearmint, and rosemary.

and we hung the ones that need to dry


We also pulled Rhubarb, cherry tomatoes,

bell pepper, celery, and radishes.

2. Ok so it cool enough for sweaters today but not cold enough to turn the furnace on in my opinion. I am the only one who freezes since I am originally from California. So I busted out my little space heater that kicks on once in a while to warm me :0)


1. Remember all those apples from earlier this week that we cut and got ready to can…


Husband put them through the squeezer ….APPLESAUCE!


oh and the apple juice is pretty good too! :0)


My husbands Uncle Ron came to town and he took us out for lunch – BLESSING!! ;0)

Then we entered the BAKERY!!! duhduhduhn!!

Husband loves goodies…so since we have done so well this week on savings we got some treats! :0) Only spent 16 bucks..

we took some home!!

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