Planting Life Lessons…

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My husband loves working in the garden.

For years he has pushed, begged, asked, implored, guilt-ed and nagged us girls to be BIG HELPERS in the garden. … yeah…it’s not our thing..but I must say we have gotten better at helping. We just don’t have the need to WORK in the SUN while BENT over PULLING WEEDS …like he does. It is relaxation to him…it is WORK!!! to us. Smile with tongue out

So husband is in the garden getting ready to plant beans and a little man says “ Dad, can I help you plant beans?” Husband looks at me like “ ohhhh man now this is going to take forever!”  So what do I do ???… I spell it out for him. LOL

“ For years dear husband you have wanted someone who would be in the garden, helping you do all the work. When daughter was little she never asked to help, but now you have a son, whom if you would like him to love to garden and grow up to be a big help to you, I would suggest you take the time to let him plant beans!”


…and he says “you are really trying to convince me, aren’t you ?” I said “ is it working?” lol …

He looks at the boy and says ..”COME ON!”  Thumbs up

SCORE for the Momma!! Boy is busy… and husband has a helper! and Momma has free time! HAHA!

Oh so stealthy!! …but hey every one came out happy! Open-mouthed smile

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