Joyful Sound Off -Last Day of January


Thankfulness on Tues.

linking with Ann for Monday Multitudes

36.  Son singing his own tune in the morning while putting a puzzle together.

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“ He is stronger …in my life.”

“ Such love, amazing love.”

“Such love He has for me”

37.  For the honesty of a friend to call me out when my heart is cold.

38. All needs meet by the Lord this month Open-mouthed smile plus some Wants!

39. For safe driving on wintery roads

40.  Funny movie – bringing laughter to my soul.

41. Seeing a new member attend worship practice.

42. Team mate having jumper cables

43. Dad and Son hanging out in the chair

44. Emotional purge to paper… journaling just helps.

45. Mexican food!!! YUMMY!



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