Joyful Sound Off January Blessings



I got the book finally! ONE THOUSAND GIFTS

So I am starting …

First week of January Blessings

1. New Hair:


2. A lesson of Faith:

Heard these words on the radio “ don’t speak all the faith robbing details”  – they hit me – I jotted them down.

Later I entered the salon chair , showed the lady the picture of what I wanted. I proceeded to speak about how I had been keeping my hair ( low key, no fuss, easy to do) she advised me against my choice. I listened. Left unhappy. Called later that same day to have it fixed. Returned to the salon. Got the original hair cut I asked for.

Later realized I gave her all the faith robbing details – I spoke of the way it had been , the way it was instead of expressing my desire for change and where I wanted to go.


3. Found Dressing Your Truth

Helping me with wearing right colors to bring out my natural God given ME-Ness :0)

4.  Having the American Right to Vote~! Presidential nominations

5.  Words from my son:

“ I love your hair, Mommy!”

~ 3 yr. old Mr. Handsome


6. Evening chats with my Husband

7. Sitting in the Sunshine

8. Warm 50 degree winter days in Iowa

9. Seeing the dog so happy to meet daughter at School…loving the car ride.


10. Going to the park and letting the Mr. run !

11. Loving the moment when a song gets into your spirit and your whole body just starts to move with it.

12. A HOT shower

13. Best Friend Birthday :

spending all day together just talking and loving every minute of it.

14. Afternoon naps

15. A moment that seems to slow down where I was purely in the now…my sons hand on my cheeks cupping my face, tiny fingers rubbing side to side as he just looked in my eyes with a soft smile…so loving!

I Also want to do some of Ann’s JOY DARE and since I am going to post this today and I am catching up , I will do Day 12 : Something Above you, below you , beside you.

Above me a reminder to have FAITH

Above me

Below me …and outside …about 3 feet down off my porch -THE FIRST SNOW of the season.

below me

Beside me – the thing that brought an abundance of song and joy and High Praise into our home.

beside me

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