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1. I missed you last week…

but I WAS IN FLORIDA for vacation with my family. Three houses of SMITH’s in Florida!! It was great…..


THANKSGIVING DINNER LOOKED LIKE THIS!!!!SEA FOOD!!!!! Salad, Alligator, bacon wrapped Scallops, Rock Shrimp, Blue Crab, green  bean casserole, tiger shrimp, biscuits with honey butter.


2.  A quote:

A sacrifice of thanks lays down our perspective and raises hands in praise anyways – always. A sacrifice is by definition is not an easy thing.

Ann Voskamp


3.  A link to all the wonderful WILDLIFE in Florida I took pics of:


4. Picture of the week:


This is my favorite Crabbing /Sunset shot in Florida….just beauty-FULL!



Mommy's Idea


5. A song:


6. GUESS WHAT !! Ann Voskamp has an APP:

1000 Gifts 

App for Android and on I-tunes and It is FREE!!!!

The One Thousand Gifts Mobile App features
• Quotes on awaking to the joy-filled power of grace and gratitude at your fingertips … to get you started
• Photo and video stream, texts, and voice recordings of your gifts … to keep you going
• A one-tap option to instantly share your captured gifts to Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr … to keep your friends and your family inspired on their way to their one thousand gifts.


7. A PhotoQuote:



8. Another Quote:

About the nature of God’s punishment upon sinners, he writes:

“Punishment is, in its operation, like medicine; it dissolves the hard heart, purges away the filth of uncleanness, and reduces the swellings of pride and haughtiness; thus restoring its subject to a sound and healthful state.”  -Clement of Alexandria, wrote in the second century

  Thank God for His unending Love!!

9. I LIKE THIS!!!! 



My Friend Pam had this on here Facebook page cause she LIKED IT!! I LIKE IT TOO!!! 

10.  A song:






2 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    LOL…it really was great! thanks for stoppin”!


  2. Brandi. says:

    Oh my! Remind me to jump in your suitcase next year or Thanksgiving! That looks so yummy! =)


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