Gone -not forgotten

Remembering ….

RICHARD ANDERSON – My Godfather on my Mothers side.

1. He was always encouraging to my creative music love. I never sang a wrong note when I sang with him.

2. Brought me sunflower seeds and 7 ups when he would come over. My favorite teenage staple diet. lol  I was like a little bird.

3. Very gentle person full of acceptance and love.

4. Very unique musical talent that inspired me to not try to be like everyone else.

5. Opened his home to my mother, me and my sister when we didn’t have a place to live. He gave us a comfortable and safe place to be.

SHANNON RAE –  A Best friend that grew up with me on Old Canyon Rd.

1. She loved music.

2. I spent many many nights and days at her house.

3. She was beautiful and talented. We would sing together to oldies in her room.

4. We loved making bean burritos. She loved Lucky Charms and Ice water.

5. She was loving. I didn’t know anyone who didn’t like her.

Andrew “Poppy” Graber – My Grandfather

1. He is one of the most artist people I have ever met.

2. He was so quiet and peaceful.

3. He loved to read and watch what everyone was saying and doing. (He would chuckle to himself and when ask “what?” he would shake his head and say “I’m just laughing”)

4. I would draw with him and I would say “ do you like it?’ and he would say “ do you like it?” and then I would say “I’m asking you?” and he would say “ I didn’t draw it , so it doesn’t matter what I think about it?” –He taught me to do things because I enjoyed it, not for someone to  like it. …I am still learning this lesson.

5. He was a mighty presence even when silent.

Janice Graber – My aunt

1. She is one the most caring people I ever knew.

2. She took us on camping trips and taught us to work around the camp.

3. She was also a gentle and loving person.

4. She could shake her head no and never say a word and all of us kids would listen.

5. She created a safe and loving place for all us kids who she watched to hang out, learn about sharing and caring, be disciplined, and to watch out for the younger ones. ( although many times we older ones picked on them) but we loved each other.

( Makes me remember all the kids – Starla, Joy, Deverie, Jennifer, Lydia, Jenelle, Shannon, Jeffrey, Trevor….and the many others who came and went. But these 9 where the troop on Old Canyon Rd! )

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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