1. This week on Monday I wrote about ANNOYANCE….

Has annoyance found you?

On Tuesday this quote found me :

Why do I allow creeping annoyance to

sabotage my own happiness?

Is anything worth sacrificing joy?

-Ann Voskamp

2. A Song:

3. Something I love:

I got these sticky notes on my desktop and my daughter left me one….Here is what she said…

I love you! Thank you for being my mom. Thank you for choosing to be with dad. Thank you for being a good example. Thank you for being who you are and not someone else. Thank you for pointing out your own flaws and not just mine. Thank you for being the one that holds me together on my meltdowns. Thank you for giving me hugs when i am crying. Thank you for listening when i need to get something off my chest. Thank you for being the one who loves me and wants to take care of me. I will love you always.

She is 13…. I am so thankful for her!


4. I’m taking a break from the blog

for a week no STARS RAIN

next week..


so partial Friday Facts here…


enjoy the few!




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