….the heart of forgiveness,  just how much do we over look grace. – Amydeanne

Has anyone else been noticing how much GRACE is popping up !


Ann Voskamp has been saying a lot about GRACE…I know that is like her message….maybe it is just me but her Grace words are standing out.

Grace words. Grace is the only non-toxic air. All other words I breathe are death words.
– Voskamp

And then Shaun Groves just release a title track called All is GRACE!

All these things I am seeing over the last week….


Moments where we see how loved we are….do you see it?

Seeing the presence in your life of blessings…Do you recognize?

The daily forgiveness from those around us…..can  you be thankful?

Our failings, our weaknesses, our hurtful words, our sinful ways

COVERED IN GRACE!  – Have you accepted that?

God has loved us ……. so we can love all.

2 Thessalonians 2:16

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God

our Father, who loved us and by his grace

gave us eternal encouragement and good


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  1. If God is a God of grace and encouragement, then we should only have words of grace as well!!! Thank you for this reminder. It will be my goal for today.


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