Summing it up!


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We swam

we laughed

My Mom got a cat

we ate

we created

and hiked to a cave

we sang

we  talked

and took lots of pictures

we listened

we danced

and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

From left to right : neice Shannon, daugher Sarah, Me, sister Joy, my Mom Wendy

we made these feather head peices…and played dress up one day. It was sooo fun!


12 thoughts on “Summing it up!

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  1. How fun. I love photos me and my girls with my mom and other assorted relatives. If your mom would like it, put together a small scrapbook of the photos you took and send it to her. My mom loves the photos we all send her.


  2. awww well aren’t you just lovely! I love the picture of you guys together! And you don’t look old enough to have a daughter that big!!!
    looks like a lot of fun! 🙂


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