Just Do it!



Acts 9:31

Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace and was strengthened. Living in the fear of the Lord and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it increased in numbers.

Sunday my Pastor talked about how in order to have peace in your life you need to DO WHAT GOD SAY TO DO!

He said that to WALK IN THE FEAR OF THE LORD is…


The fear of the Lord…

the awareness that God is watching your everything.

This past week my daughter went over to a friend of mine’s house to do a bible study. While I was waiting I noticed a book on her table called :

I read the whole book at my friends house that day. She could see I was into it…she set popcorn next to me and a glass of water. My daughter continued to play at her house with her girls while I ….well …finished the book!! ( what a friend right??)

If you notice in the little banner line it says…

Experiencing God in Extraordinary ways

If you have been reading this blog you know that I want to be an EXTRAORDINARY CHICKEN…lol

So that EXTRAORDINARY word on this book caught my eye.

One of the main theme’s of this book was summed up in 6 words…

Imagine my delight because over the last month the Lord lead me to link up with a blogger who does 6 word Saturday. …

anyway back to the six words : GOD SAY DO IT, DO IT!

Now as you can see this is right in line with what my Pastor preached this past Sunday.

Pastor said that DISOBEDIENCE is YOU putting blockers to blessing!!

And that is what Lysa TerKeurst says in this book!!

She says that God will tell you what your lessons are if you are listening… in books your reading, in repeating messages…in the word…


JUST DO IT!! If He says too!

I want peace in my life….. this peace is the absence of war & strife….no struggle.

SIN & COMFORT — they don’t go together …

Sin is doing the opposite of what God says to do!! …ouch! I think I need to move in a few places.

If you want that COMFORT ….then LET CONVICTION come and show you where you need to remove, move, change, let go, reconcile, or do!! When we do, we will be encourage and we will be strengthened….bringing increase!

I think I am getting the message:

I am one who would think if God says to do something or asked me to say something I think with in “ WHO AM I? To say or do that?” I also tend to think that extraordinary people are people who do BIG THINGS…but I am getting the understanding that to be extraordinary is simply -OBEY GOD.

In this day in age it is rare to find a person who will obey…

this generation seems to detest that word


SEE NOW GOD IS TALKING TO ME!! — in my email this morning before I was going to post this post I get this message in my email :

Normal is not natural. Extraordinary

is natural. Who do you think you are, anyway…?





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4 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Awesome! All glory to Him! Thank u!


  2. Starla, you are always so convicting — I love your energy and enthusiasm for God! You spread a message of hope and optimism — and you inspire me to get up and LISTEN to God and DO what He says!


  3. starla says:

    I so agree!!! thanks for stoppin shanda! :0)


  4. If we would all just do what God says, then we could experience extraordinary lives! You should check out my post that comes out in two hours (6pm Pacific time). I think we were soul sisters when we wrote these posts!


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