To be the impossible one

Sometimes the most impossible person to live with is yourself. –Voskamp

Those times when “ALL ABOUT ME” is my anthem

When I fight


and scrape for my way

When I leave situations lay barren, open and wounded

If only I had been brave enough to stand

but instead I ran away

When I knew I was possibly holding a heart inside my hand

and chose to crush it

instead of bathing it in love at His command

Or the times I focus on myself, my sound or my certain look

sipping the glory away from HIM

thinking this is how to get a drink within

Sometimes I am the most impossible person to live with

as I bow as humbled clay

my mind destroys His presence

with a flash of pride and sin

May we all stand in His presence giving Him the Glory due

Making heart, mind, soul and spirit

Reach up as we lay humbly through and through


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