A quick history ….THEN and NOW


This is ME…

I was a happy child.

My Mother says I smiled at everyone.

The oldest …the first born to USA Army parents, stationed in Frankfurt, Germany.

Sister to one wonderful person: Joy :0)

She was my very first BFF….always has been.

We always shared a room…..giggled until late in the night.

She protected me more than once….

We were raised in two states…California and Iowa.

Back and forth to this town and that in each state….

parents making sure that both sides of the family got to see us.

Parents split up when I was in 5th grade…..

Moved to Iowa with my Dad…

Lived with my Dad until the middle of 6th grade…

Moved back to California with my Mom.

Life got crazy ….and chaos took over.

Came back to Iowa when I was 19 for a visit, my sister lived here and was gonna have my niece.

She wanted to walk ….I didnt want to…she made me.

and that day:

I met a guy……and never went home.

Met the Lord in 1998

Married that guy I met …

been married 11 years…

blessed with two kids…1 girl & 1 boy

Have a Home…

and I am happy right where I am. :0)

Me (now)


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  1. Rachel B says:

    Starla, I loved reading your history. Are you working on writing your testimony…HIS story. 🙂

    You were a cute baby. I believe you were smiley back then, you still are! 🙂 Such a pretty smile!


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