Are my LAZY days over??..I HOPE SO!!!

Proverbs 15:19 The path of lazy people is overgrown with briers;
the diligent walk down a smooth road.

Anyone who has a place that you live with or without kids, with or without pets knows that somehow things just get out of control.

When tables are over taken by stuff…shelves crammed …you know it is OUT OF CONTROL.

I have been trying to become more aware of what I do, and how I get myself into trouble mentally, physically and emotionally. I have discovered that when I am angry I clean for a short period of time….it is the BURST while I am angry and I clean like A MAD WOMAN!!! LOL

But I also found that when I am stressed I tend to narrow my focus on only a few things that I know I can control. As long as the stress is present the longer I stay in my narrow field. This is the kitchen, living room and dining room of my home. Not to say these stay perfect but I am maintaining. I tend to read and write more when I am stress (trying to turn OFF my mind) What I need is to TURN IT ON and begin do something about what is bothering…if I would I would probably walk out of my funk faster.

When I am in this mode I AM LAZY…the bathrooms suffer….my bedroom turns into a catch-all ( the floor is the hamper if you know what I mean? ) I forget to sweep the stairs…honestly its as if I can’t see the hair, dirt and dust. Its crazy!!!! Are my lazy days over??…I HOPE SO!!!

Recently I came OUT of a stress/depressed mode and began to see HOPE and I AWOKE to my HOUSE!! OMG!!!

So I set up a list…A TO DO LIST!!! ( DAHn DAHn  Daaaaaaaaaahn!!)

I don’t want to overload myself ….so each day I am doing just a few things…and I can tell you that I started yesterday and today by mid morning I have retaken control of the house!!! Its not finished yet but I feel great. My kids have certain things today also. I am feeling so so so much better…

Pray for me that I will be like this verse says DILIGENT and things start to run SMOOOTH at my house.



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