this is the first draft of Stuff and Smile that I posted over @ Friendships of Love

Proverbs 27:7 When you’ve stuffed yourself, you refuse dessert;
when you’re starved, you could eat a horse.

STUFF :to stop up or plug; block or choke

DESSERT: We think of dessert as a sweetie at the end of our meal — the original meaning is TO CLEAR THE TABLE from the root wording Dis-serve.

While thinking on this proverb it made me think of something Tina and I have been talking to each other about

What we consider stuff and smile is when you aren’t being real and true to yourself by shutting your mouth out of fear of what others might think or say and you just smile (act like its ok) instead. When we dont tell our truth, when we hid our feelings good or bad, when dont rebuke when rebuke is needed, or even when we dont show approval …it is all STUFFED and we just smile (be fake) or move on in frustration.

When we stuff our feelings we also “refuse dessert” as the proverb says. We never get to “clear the table.” Everything is left right where it is and we are choking on it. Nothing gets settled. We feel terrible. This is how grudges start and bitterness gets rooted in our lives. We dont “clear the table” otherwise known as clearing the air. Let it out. Get it out. Talk to the people around you. Tell them how you feel. If you dont you’ll never get DESSERT ( true relationship, understanding, communication)

It also says in this verse when you are starved ( when we withhold our loving words and encouragement) from people they become starved….what happens when you are starved ?? If I am starved I will eat junk, something quick and easy. Same goes for my soul. I will accept people’s junk, flattery, ego pumping, and half-hearted crap. I will eat the horse. I will begin to trust in the chariots of man instead of the arm of the LORD.

I see this thing as TWO FOLD… we need to keep our table clear ( clear conscience and emotional cup) and we need to not starve the people around us with the nourishment of life that Christ has within us to give to others.

Dont stuff and smile settling for crumbs out of starvation –clear the table and eat dessert!

Oh and dont forget to serve your neighbors too!! :0)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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