I am still in a BREAK pattern….so no Thursday Thoughts today…I am not sure if I will resume….

But I thought I would talk about what is on my mind….


  Well I am pretty sure that everyone knows someone whether in their family or not who is a control freak…heck I have been a control freak, I have tried to crusade for world domination ( my world that is) I have tried to intimidate people to go my way ( I dont look very scarey though:p) and of course I have tried my hand at manipulating to get what I want.

It is a difficult thing to overcome being a CONTROLLER. It means that in order to get better, you MUST submit to Christ. It is the only way. It is an even most difficult thing to endure being under or around a person who is a CONTROLLER. It means that at any cost they must think they have come out on top and if that means walking on you and who you are, you reputation, or just humiliating you in a crowd they will do it. It seems to make them feel alive. And yet it is counterfeit LIFE. It is candy wrapped in poison.

When you are around a controller you feel like you are walking on eggshells, feel like you cant say anything or they will get angry, you are uncomfortable in their presence…the eminate I AM IN CONTROL! RAHHHHHHHHHHH! They use any tool they can to turn the situation on the victim of their control. They use confusion to the greatest extent. It is mind boggling to be in the presence of a CONTROLLER who tells you that you are the one who is trying to get one over on them.

Are you or anyone you know like this??

Pray because only God can change a CONTROLLER!!!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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