Let’s Talk! Tuesday


Hello Random Reader…and welcome to this weeks RANDOMNESS!!! 

1. If you haven’t clicked that pretty little pic at the top with the three chicks having coffee …DO IT!! You will love Shelly’s randomness too!! …AND she has links to the other RANDOM LET”S TALK! TUESDAY writers – so CHECK IT!!! 

2. Ok …so my husband is like the best mechanic for small engines in town apparently but DID YOU KNOW that 5 mowers in the yard that need fixin’ is NOT PRETTY!!! Grrrrrrrr. Thank you Lord for the extra dollars, thank you for answering his prayers on that, but could you please answer mine by making them disappear. :0) 



My mother in-law planted this hibiscus in my yard last year for ME!! It didn’t do anything last year but this year IT BLOOMED   —GORGEOUS!! 

4. We went to visit my mom and daughter and niece while they were camping got some good pics. Want to see…I thought you might :0) LOL 


She took them out to a diner in Marengo  


5.  If you had a saying for yourself what would it be??? 

Mine is –  Dont take me wrong..i just speak my mind..and my emotions..it’s just the view from where I am standing! 

 6.  If you missed it I am being quite open and revealing in the last two post for Motto Monday @ Friendships of Love — Motto: Be present  – is part 1 and Motto: Stay Connected – is part two –check it!! :0) 

7.  Two places I would love to see and explore is : Germany ( I was born there) and Spain ( I want to eat the food and see all the colorful culture. )

8.  A quote of course :0) 

Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices.

 Benjamin Franklin 

9.  My daughter painted my toes and I love them –one side is pink the other is silver and spots too!! LOL 

Side by Side Big Toes

10.  Random Journal Entry: March 8, 2010 

Enjoy the Process: You are not behind. You are right where you need to be to learn the lessons of NOW instead of also thinking forward into the future missing the ISNESS. 

Attitude: Jesus came from an attitude of Love which made it easy to love others and they felt accepted. 

SEE  how your DEMEANOR can accept or reject people. 

SEE VALUE in everything and everyone you come in contact with. 

That’s it for this Tuesday until next time …. 




6 Comments Add yours

  1. starla says:

    Good saying V!


  2. starla says:



  3. V says:

    LOL love the toes!!
    Too cute!!

    Saying for myself – I am what you see and if you don’t like it then fine. I can be a mess, i can be a ball, but you’re guaranteed to have some good memories of ME

    Awr the flower is so beautiful hey wow


  4. Shelly says:

    Great pics….pretty flowers….and cool toes! 🙂



  5. starla says:

    Why is that??


  6. I’m a little scared about your Friendship of Love series….I’m just saying!

    the same thing happened to some flowers my mom planted – I watered them after she planted them 🙂 – the were late bloomers.


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