Into the Room

Its thursday again and I am still reading

Days of Deepening Friendship : For the Woman who wants authentic life with God.

by: Vinita Hampton Wright  Her Site:

The author is having me answer some questions at the end of each chapter. Things I was taught, what kind of religious upbringing I had, who were the people in my family and how did I relate to them. What are my wants, my desires, my fears. She is getting me in contact with where I come from and what is really going on inside my soul and spirit.

After reading each chapter she leads me into what she calls THE ROOM. From my understanding THE ROOM is the place I meet with God.

I just read through chapter 5 : Who and What comes with you?  (into THE ROOM)

She has me thinking about who and how I was  raised. She says …we embark upon our journey carrying bags we did not pack ourselves.

Well isn’t that the truth. Our parents got their understanding of how to raise children and what is the best way to live mentally, emotionally, physically  from their experiences and their parents. They instilled in us their perception of life and their understanding of the way this world works. For me it was two-sided and almost polar opposites. My mom  seemed to be packing in my bag ( from my little girl view )  FREEDOM, CREATIVITY, DO IT ALONE, and WILDNESS. My dad seemed to be packing  SUSPICION, FEAR, BRUTAL HONESTY and ITS MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. ( They have leveled out and grown almost like different people in their 50’s than how they were when I was a young sponge of a girl. )

She goes on to say…It’s important that we unpack the bags that others have packed for us, look carefully at each item, and decide what to do with it….Not only do we drag along items in bags we did not pack, but we also bring with us past relationships….whatever battles we have waged with the significant people in our lives, we will repeat those battles to some degree as we try to be in relationship with new people…as we try to be in relationship with God.

Does any one else wake up to understanding their inner ways and realize that one of the reasons you love your best friend is because she reminds you of the strength you remember in your mother and the reason you fight her when she tells you the truth is because she tells it like it is just like your dad??  Once I did wake up I embraced her strength and I stopped fighting her.  I guess that also means that God knew what I would need as I was growing up as a kid in my family atmosphere to bring me to the place I could connect and  embrace those things in another person causing me to grow further. In turn I am also through all the interaction with just those three people able to embrace the Great Strength of my God and the fact He will always JUST TELL ME LIKE IT IS!! He is a TRUTHFULL God after all.

Yesterday my BFF wrote a post on our blog Friendships of Love called A Friend With Skin On and she touches on and along these same lines of  how we need friends and  how that affects our friendship with our Heavenly Friend.

My upbringing wasn’t all peachy and to my liking as I look back but I am thankful for everybit because it was all the peices that brought me to who and where I am now. I wouldnt want to be any other place than right here.

Next Thurs. Thoughts on this book:


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