Father’s Day


I dont remember Father’s day when I was a kid. I had a very rocky relationship with my dad until a few years ago.

But today Father’s day is sweet….

I travelled home from my sisters yesterday and stopped to see my dad on the way since it was going to be Father’s day today. I got him a card and we had a cup of coffee together. We didn’t speak much because he was to busy playing with my son. One thing I love about my dad he plays with the kids. He gets into their world. He enliven play time with imagination. He lets them take the lead. He becomes the playmate. My dad is a great grandpa. :0)

My Dad and my Son

You ever think to yourself when you see your parents with your kids : How come I never got to see that person?  Why didn’t he play with me like that? ( Maybe he was, maybe he did and I just never saw it until I could look at it from a different angle.

 Age does something to grandparents – I think ;0)  and the fact that they can send the grandkids  home when they start to drive them nuts…lol


He is mine and I love him….

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  1. Your dad looks so happy!!! Your son is adorable. Such a little man.


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