What’s in your HOME??


When I think of my home I hear myself say ” this needs to be done, that needs fixing!! grrrrrr!”

When I was growing up I lived with a uniquely odd and artistic woman named -MOM.

My grandparents Grammy and Poppy were two of the most artistic people I knew. I always enjoyed going to my grandparents house. Every where you went there was something interesting to look at and discover. Grammy called it FOO FOO.

“Foo Foo”  is the stuff that you put in your house that makes it sing your souls tune. It calls to you…come look at me, be inspired, enjoy me!

What’s in your house that is your FOO FOO ??

I have artwork  my Poppy created. I have pillows and blankets my Grammy made. I have her bead work. I have my daughters paintings.

Sarah painting
Poppy artwork

I want my home to sing to me like this…

My home – poem

Its bright

Full of light

Color bouncing

From place to place

An odd face in the corner

A wonder land and a hide away

Over there photos of interest

Angles and sights

Up close and personal

Off to the side

In a cockeyed way

A little thing over there

Wow, what is that

I bet a treasure

Its somewhere untouched

Lets look and see

What’s around that bend

Its where I send

Your heart when you look into it

-Starla Smith

Do you have the things you need to make your home come alive? Think about what makes you happy and begin to remove the things that dont or do something to make it enjoyable!

Ps…same goes for the soul !! :0)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

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