The Climb


I am looking at my NON-Updated Blog…

Hello everyone..I be ok!! :0)

Sometimes when going through situations that are not exactly easy, it is hard to remember to keep on task. Getting off course is easy to do when your habit has been to swerve. I am determined to take one step at a time through this trial.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts toward me.

Life has a way of telling you LOUDLY what you need. Do we choose to listen??

I am listening.


I can see that the tide has come in

it is beautiful on the beach

Comfort isn’t everything

Keep walking

The upward path ahead

will make you breathe a little harder at first

Dont worry, as you walk your legs get stronger

Each thing you pass

as you look back to see

where you have been

is a signal for your heart to heal

move forward

Each marker in the road

is a sign you have come this far

Keep going

Knowing that its but a little while longer

The wind is in your face

but when the time is here

it will turn and begin

to propel you forward

-Starla Smith

2 Comments Add yours

  1. YAY!! Glad that you’re back! 🙂


  2. Kelly Byrn says:

    awesome poem Starla, that was very encouraging! 🙂


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