Mother’s Day Ramble


An Mother’s Day ramble…poem thing type thingy…lol

The unsung hero’s to their children

The fixer upper

The find it -finder

The help what do I do now, I’m stuck -unsticker

The hug and kisser goodnighter

The get you risen in the morning – riser

The clothes finder and washer and getter done -doner

Being a mom pulls you 1000 ways

and yet somehow mom’s stretch just that far

We are 1 in a million

Their # 1 fan who always want what’s best for our kids

Mom’s get put through the ringer

We get misunderstood, accused of not understanding…:0) yet we have been that way before.

We stay up late to make sure the house is put to sleep well

That’s why we drink all that coffee you know??

but through it all

Were MOM’s…..we do it all.

If we weren’t around the house just might fall apart…thats why we try to train you so well:0)

So go do what you know how to do cause your mom taught you …

Take a shower

Change your underwear…wouldn’t want you to get in an accident with dirty ones…lol

brush your teeth

say your prayers

and Go love on your Mother today :0)

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I pray that you had a Happy Mother’s Day!!! I bet its a joy to grow up with a Mother who is following Christ and touching other people’s lives the way that you are.


  2. starla says:

    I did !!..Thank you LauraLee..I hope you had a great day Too!!! :0)


  3. starla says:

    Yeah…I had fun writing this :0)


  4. Love this! Hope you had a happy Mother’s Day!


  5. Shelly says:

    And brush your teeth!!! LOL

    Happy Mother’s Day, Starla! 🙂



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